GreenMan Festival with Meilyr Jones

Meilyr Jones
Meilyr Jones and band just before performing on BBC Radio 6 for Marc Riley

Meilyr Jones Is a fantastic musician, song writer and performer, and someone I've known now for over ten years. We first met while playing in the National Youth Brass Band of Great Britain while we were teenagers. Later we studied together at the Royal Academy of Music. The first CD  I played on with Meilyr was GoodBye Falkenberg by the Race Horses. The project Meilyr is currently working on included a full orchestra in the recording studio, and is a great mix of indie-pop and classical music. We couldn't take the entire orchestra to the festival, so each of the pieces has been rearranged to work with a smaller group. As well as the core band or guitars, keyboards and drums, the group also had viola, bassoon, saxophone and trumpet (myself).

Performing on the Far Out stage at the Green Man Festival 2015

This was my first ever festival experience, and I absolutely loved it! Coming from London, and having not spent a night in a tent for over 10 year, I didn't have any of the right stuff to the in a wet muddy field for the weekend. I had to buy wellies on the way and borrow a tent. 


We started of the festival performing on the Far Out stage, a huge circus tent. a great crowd turned out to see us perform, despite us being on at 11:30am on the Saturday. We then went on to do a session for BBC Wales (hopefully have a recording to show soon) and we also created two videos with a production company of some of the songs we've been performing (videos coming soon too). 


Saturday night and Sunday morning was extremely wet, and unfortunately we were performing outside in the Walled Garden at lunch time. It was very muddy but we had a great crowed down to watch.


As much as i enjoyed the festival atmosphere, and playing to huge amounts of people, I was very pleased to get home Sunday evening to my own bed and not be out in the rain. Looking forward to the next festival I'm playing with Meilyr which is the End Of The Road festival at the beginning of September.